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Selling Real Estate with OWNR

A larger target group and faster distribution channels - Find out here how OWNR can help you broker your real estate portfolio quickly and risk-free.

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The OWNR Principle

At OWNR, we enable you to sell your sales properties more quickly through a much larger target group, efficient processes and secure financing. How does it work? With real estate leasing!

OWNR rethinks living and supports private individuals on their way to owning their own homes. OWNR acts as the buyer and enables people without sufficient equity to move into your offered property. In this way we guarantee secure financing with direct payment without long waits for credit checks and loans, while customers who normally only look for real estate on the rental market can now also consider a path to home ownership.

Our additional services for the customer include renovation before moving in; customized configuration of the sanitary facilities and the new fitted kitchens. The customer can also book partial furnishing as well and the bundling of services such as Internet, electricity or insurance through us. 

How does it work?

The customer lives in the property for a fixed period at a certain monthly leasing rate with the option to purchase the property, continue to rent or move out of it at the end of the period. In this way, we enable the client live in the property on a trial basis and give them the time to organize the financing needed for the possible property purchase in a way that is stress-free and ultimately cheaper.

Our Partners

Your advantages as an OWNR-Partner at a glance

Faster acquisition

... by OWNR as a fully financed cash buyer.  

Secured financing

... by the immediate assumption of all purchase and additional costs by us.  

Acquire new target groups

... through the addressing the needs of prospective tenants with the intent to purchase their home.

Efficient processes

... through the coordination of all sales processes by us. You can fully concentrate on your business.

Do you already have a property in mind that you would like to offer your customers as a potential property for leasing? Perhaps your customer has already found their dream property but has difficulties with financing or is still uncertain about the purchase decision. OWNR offers you an alternative, innovative distribution channel.

Any more questions about residential leasing with OWNR?

What is included in the leasing rate?

The leasing rate issued by us corresponds to the basic rent including the standard renovation carried out by us. We provide a non-binding estimate of incidental costs separately, based on our experience. Additional equipment such as premium renovation or furniture will also be charged separately. 


How long is the lease term?

The lessee can choose a term between 18 and 48 months. 


Does the customer have to move out at the end of the contract period?

1. stay in the apartment or house 
2. move out and release the property for another OWNR
3. buy the apartment or house


What is the purchase price for an object after the end of the contract period?

The purchase price corresponds to the original acquisition costs without real estate transfer tax plus an appreciation compensation per year.


How does OWNR evaluate real estate?

OWNR uses a fully digital evaluation, which is carried out automatically on the basis of all data. Directly before the purchase an additional evaluation by a real estate expert takes place.


How individual is the renovation possible?

The renovation takes place according to the modular system, comparable to car leasing. Together with our partners we have selected the best elements and renovate them according to OWNR standards. In addition to the top standard equipment variant, we also offer premium and design variants.