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Your dream of home: You choose, we buy. You live!

Welcome to OWNR

Find your new home with us and lease your apartment or house with OWNR. Lease your living space? You've never heard of it? That's right, because we're rethinking the way we live. Don't worry: We guarantee you the protection of German tenancy law!

This is how housing leasing works: You fall in love with an apartment or a house. We buy your dream home for you and you lease it from us for a period of 18 to 48 months. If the period is over, you can decide:


1. Do you want to stay in your apartment or house?

2. do you want to share your property with another OWNR? 

3. do you want to buy the apartment or the house?

From renter to "OWNR" in three steps

1. Find your dream home

2. Send us your configuration

3. OWNR contacts you

Your advantages at a glance

You want to... 

... more selection of apartments and houses at a glance? 

... quickly find a new dream home and move into it?

... rethink living with OWNR?

More dream living space

Haven't found your suitable home for rent yet? With us you will surely find it, because: In our OWNR search we list apartments and houses from numerous real estate portals as well as the websites of large brokers. And they're for sale - there's a lot more to it than rent. You can afford it, because we acquire it for you. This means for you: much more apartments and houses for you to clean up - because our offer is bigger than with other real estate providers!

Any more questions about residential leasing?

What exactly does residential leasing mean?

Attention, danger of confusion: You probably know leasing more from cars.

With residential leasing as OWNR you can also configure your dream object, choose the equipment, determine the period or buy it at the end at a price fixed at the beginning.
But: Unlike some car leasing contracts, you as OWNR do not make a down payment on the later purchase price. In addition - unlike car leasing - we take over all the tasks of a landlord during the leasing period and take care of maintenance, for example. With a car lease, repairs and check-ups are with you as the lessee. The OWNR rate, on the other hand, is a combination of a usage fee for your dream home and the price of our services. Another difference to car leasing: The value of an apartment or house does not fall like that of a car, but increases. We therefore calculate a predetermined price increase on the original price. What car and living space leasing have in common: You bind yourself to the object for a certain period of time.  


Are residential leasing and hire purchase not the same?

Residential leasing sounds like hire-purchase to you? Let's get to the bottom of this: Hire purchase means that by signing the contract you commit yourself to buy the apartment or house. With the "rents" you pay the purchase price, similar to a purchase in instalments. Payments for hire purchase are usually very high. The leasing fees, on the other hand, are based on the local rents. Fair, right?! And: With residential leasing you do not commit yourself to purchase, but at the end of the minimum leasing period you have a purchase option. As OWNR you also enjoy the protection of German tenancy law.


Why should I lease living space and not just rent it?

Suppose you live in your absolute dream home and want to buy your home? At OWNR this is very simple: after the end of the leasing period we make an appointment with a notary and arrange the purchase - with you and for you. But what if you fall in love with your rented apartment? You will only be able to buy these in the rarest cases.


What if I have already found my dream property?

You have already found an apartment or a house outside of our offer? No problem! We take over from here and bring you faster and more comfortably to your dream home. Step one: You choose the right home furnishings for you - top standard, premium or design - and we calculate your very personal leasing rate. Step two: If you wish, we will support you during the inspection. Step three: You like the property? Then we'll buy them for you. What you still have to do: Become the OWNR and pack your crates! Write us at


What happens after the end of the leasing period?

If the leasing phase is over, you can choose one of three ways: 1. you stay in your apartment or house. 2. you buy your home and then you can call it your property. 3. you release your leased home - maybe it fits better to another OWNR. With our OWNR search you will quickly find something that makes you feel even more comfortable. Your advantage: You know exactly what you like and what is important to you! We will inform you in good time before the end of the leasing period, so that you can make your decision early enough.  


Where can I lease real estate with OWNR?

We currently offer our services in Hamburg. More cities will follow in the future. Register here and we'll send you an update as soon as we are in your city.