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The OWNR purchase option

No Broker Fees

You have no broker fee when you buy from OWNR, a significant cost savings, that otherwise you pay with cash.

A Better Mortgage

You have lived in the property for a period of time and paid your lease rates to OWNR - our partner banks will offer you a larger mortgage with a better rate then you would as a first-time buyer.

No Refurbishment

OWNR has already paid for and delivered any refurbishment works for your property up-front, so no additional cost to make your home beautiful.

Price Protection

Property prices in the 7 major cities in Germany having been growing by almost 9% p.a. With OWNR you have a fixed price and have the choice to buy or not.‚Äč

Example 1

120 m2 property in Hamburg

Example 2

70 m2 property in Hamburg


Strong Partner

In addition, we have a Bausparkasse product that will help with you with the equity requirements for purchase. You can find more information on the Bausparkasse product here.