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Sell a house or apartment - stress-free, fast & free of charge

Selling a house or an apartment can be demanding. Good, if you have a real estate professional at your side with OWNR. We will find suitable buyers together with you. And buy the property into which our lessees move. In this way we bring people into their own homes faster and relieve sellers like you!

Selling your property with OWNR: two good reasons

"You look. We buy. You live." This is our promise to our customers. As a seller you profit twice as much:

1. As soon as someone has chosen your property, we from OWNR step in as a buyer. Your advantages: The financing is secured - and the sale works quickly. You can read more about the principle of real estate leasing here

2. With the OWNR search you can address different people: Potential buyers AND people who want to live for rent. For you, the chances of finding someone to match your house or apartment triple.

Sell your house or apartment without a real estate agent: Why choose OWNR?!

Advantage 1:
If you choose OWNR, you will sell your property faster

With an advertisement in the OWNR search you increase the chances that your house or apartment will find a new owner threefold. This means that you speed up the sale. We have also made the experience that many people value flexibility and often do not (yet) want to commit themselves to a property in the long term. OWNR customers find it easier to decide on a house or apartment. In other words: You sell your house or apartment faster with the OWNR principle!

Advantage 2:
Sell real estate with less effort

Selling a property presents you with many challenges. If you sell your house or apartment using the OWNR principle, you are simply preparing the information. All further steps are taken by us! Because if you wish, we at OWNR will carry out the inspections. You will save time and effort, which will result in sales talks, price negotiations as well as the organisation of notarial and other appointments. We estimate the purchase price with an expert - free of charge for you! And: We renovate the OWNR objects before we lease them out. So you don't have to do any work here!

Advantage 3:
Real estate leasing = secure selling

At OWNR, we want to bring more people into homes for less. Therefore we lease houses and apartments only to private persons. For you this means: the financing is 100 percent secure, there are no surprises. And: People move into your house or apartment who would otherwise not (yet) be able to afford to buy a property. A good feeling, isn't it?!

Sell real estate to OWNR: That's how it works!

1 Send us information about your property using the form below. Attractive and meaningful photos increase your chances of selling your property.

2 See your property in our OWNR search. By the way: If you have already hired a broker, you can use OWNR as an additional sales channel. Talk to your service provider!

3 We coordinate appointments for the visits and carry them out on request for you or with you.

4 Once we have found suitable lessees together, you sell us your house or apartment from OWNR. Financing guaranteed!