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As your partner on your path to home ownership, we provide transparency, security and freedom; you can buy your property at the option price, choose to move on, or stay in your home and continue to lease. The choice is yours.

How does OWNR help you​

Traditionally, people rent as they build towards buying their perfect home because they need more equity or there is uncertainty.​ OWNR provides the solution; We can lower your equity requirements by more than 20%, making it easier for you to manage the deposit and get the best mortgage deal. You also get time to be sure you have picked the right property, the right location and the right time before making a big financial comittement. While we take away all the hassles of purchasing a home, refurbishing, and the unknown risks, you get all the freedom, security and time to assess your property. We put you one-step ahead. You get the choice to buy your home at a fixed price, move out or continue to lease at the end of your lease term.

How does OWNR make money

Like any landlord, we make money through the fixed lease payments you make and property price appreciation at the time of sale to you. It’s that simple. You know your lease payments and purchase option price upfront, so there are no hidden costs.​

Our mission is to get you into home ownership, so we work hard for you, and for us, to make sure we are buying properties at the best price. While you take the time to try out the property during the lease term, we carry the risk that property prices may also fall and that you may choose not to buy. We are ok with that, as you can continue to lease with us, or we can re-lease the property again if you choose to move out. ​