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The real estate market is hard, renting or buying, but OWNR is your partner supporting every step of the journey. Be first in line to view for-sale properties, move into a newly refurbished home, and leasing with us puts you in control – only buy when is right for you. 


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Who buys the property?

The properties are purchased directly by OWNR, for the seller it is a normal sales process. We already have existing financing so we can close the purchase quickly.

I found my dream home. How long will it take until I can move in?

The duration of the purchase process and the renovation depends on various factors.

We will clarify factors that influence your move-in date with the agent and owner before you sign the contract. The latest possible move-in date is specified in the leasing contract, so you can plan accordingly.

Generally, we plan approx. three months from the date we fix the notary appointment for purchase until you move in. That way you have the right amount of time to organize your move. Of course we communicate regularly with you through the process.

What purchasing criteria does OWNR use to evaluate and buy properties?

OWNR wants to bring more people into home ownership and make sure you are getting quality real estate. OWNR has developed specific purchasing criteria and a transparent valuation process that incudes data-based, real-time valuation, a valuation by an external real estate expert, and final valuation carried out OWNR. This ensures the detection and minimization of risks, but invariably means we have to reject lower quality properties - also in your interest.

The OWNR purchase criteria are listed:

  • Properties in the priced between €200,000 and €1,200,000.
  • The property must be freely available to you, rented properties (also called capital investment or apartment building) are not eligible.
  • No properties can be acquired through a foreclosure auction.
  • Currently OWNR focuses on real estate in the metropolitan regions of Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt. So, this is where you can currently search for your new dream home with OWNR.
  • Properties requiring significant refurbishment work or material construction will be excluded. Minor repair or renovation work will be checked and carried out on a case-by-case basis.
  • New buildings with first-time occupancy, can only be considered shortly before completion, i.e. when the expected handover date is fixed.


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