Our mission.

OWNR puts you in control of your journey to home ownership.

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The path to your own home has never been so simple. Pick one.

We buy it. You live in it.

Our solution differs from the usual models, such as buying, renting or installment plans. And opens completely new doors for you.

  1. Either choose a property from our search or send us information on your desired home if you have already visited it.

  2. With OWNR you are guaranteed to move into a newly renovated home. We take care of everything.

  3. At the end of the chosen term you decide. No matter what choice you make OWNR will support you as your partner.

  4. You decide the minimum lease term, from 24 to 48 months. So you can settle in and see if the property really meets your expectations.

Your choices

You buy the property at the fixed price.

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You simply continue to rent the property.

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You move to another property of your choice.

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These options allow you to live your dream property trial without having to commit to a purchase. This is especially interesting if you currently lack the necessary equity to purchase your dream property.

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Multiple benefits. Your advantages thanks to OWNR.



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