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OWNR rethinks living and wants to bring more people into their own home. 

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The OWNR Principle

At OWNR, we help you sell your properties more quickly through a larger target group, efficient processes and secure financing. How does it work? With real estate leasing!

OWNR rethinks living and supports private individuals on their way to owning their own homes. OWNR acts as the buyer and enables people without sufficient equity to move into your offered property. In this way we guarantee secure financing with direct payment without long waits for credit checks and loans, while customers who normally only look for real estate on the rental market can now also consider a path to home ownership.

Our additional services for the customer include renovation before moving in; customized configuration of the sanitary facilities and new fitted kitchens.

How does it work?

The customer lives in the property for a fixed period and pays a monthly leasing rate. At the end of the lease term the customer has the option to purchase the property, continue to rent or move out. This way, we give our customer time live in the property on a trial basis and to organize the financing needed for the property purchase in a way that is stress-free and ultimately cheaper.

We look forward to a successful cooperation with you. To do so, please feel free to email us for more details and relevant materials.

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Who buys the property?

The properties are purchased directly by OWNR, for the seller it is a normal sales process. We already have existing financing and sufficient equity for a quick closing.

Who operates the real estate leasing?

The real estate leasing is operated directly by OWNR. After successful transfer of ownership, the property is renovated and then made available to the new occupants.

How quickly can OWNR acquire real estate?

Upon submission of complete documentation as well as a suitable lessee, the property can be logged within 3-4 weeks.

Who pays the brokerage fee?

Since OWNR acquires real estate on a regular basis and acts as a buyer, all ancillary purchase costs such as notary fees, taxes, registration fees as well as the brokerage fee are also paid.


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