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Choose from the largest search platform for housing leasing.


Lease a home instead of renting or buying.


We design your home according to your wishes.


Decide at the end: continue living, buy or move out

OWNR - the new living!

We have built
for 8,500 years

We have bought
for 5,000 years

We have rented
for 3,750 years


Leasing starts.

Lease your living space? Never heard of it? That’s right, because at OWNR we think about living differently!

This is how it all works:

  • The OWNR search engine shows you all the apartments and houses currently available for sale in your local market. If you find your dream home, we buy it for you!
  • We offer you the choice to renovate it with a range of interior designs to make your bathroom and kitchen your own. What’s more, and so that you really like it, you can even select furniture and other service options!
  • You move in to your home with a minimum of 18-48 month lease agreement. At the end of this period you are free to choose from three options:
    1. Become an OWNR of your dream home at a price pre-agreed at the start of the lease, or
    2. Extend your Lease to stay as long as you like; or
    3. While we will be sad to see you go, we will re-Lease that lovely home to others at no cost to you.

With OWNR you get to your New Dream Home faster with all the Flexibility. No more Waiting!  
So what are you waiting for? Become an OWNR – it’s Simple!

New kitchen. New bathroom. And renovated.

Living starts in the kitchen. Being an OWNR customer, you can choose from three different levels of kitchen and select the standard of your own personal kitchen. Choose between top standard, high quality or luxury class. That way, it really is your kitchen and not that of the previous resident. From the very beginning you can feel like a chef.

Renovation of the other rooms in the house are also available in three different levels: top standard, high quality or luxury class.

Don’t rent – lease!

The advantages for OWNR customers at a glance:

  • You can choose the apartment or house that suits you best from the largest search platform for housing leasing. 

  • With OWNR you get to your dream home faster. You get a viewing appointment quickly, guaranteed. Bye living frustration, hello living happiness!  

  • With OWNR there are no hidden costs. You decide on the apartment or house and put together the interior design of your choice. We show you your leasing rate so you can see instantly what suits you and your budget!  

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Prospective Customer

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Prospective Customer

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Optimized processes and increased cash flow - OWNR offers a lot of benefits to brokers:


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The people behind OWNR

OWNR, that's you - if you want to rethink living with us. Read more about the team here.


The goal of OWNR? To create an unprecedented opportunity that makes it easier for people to find their dream home. With OWNR, the path to your four new walls is changed into a positive experience that enables "normal mortals" to acquire and live in residential property in metropolises such as Hamburg, Munich & more. 


Thanks to OWNR meta search, which has been developed and perfected for over three years, as well as other innovative technologies, the subject of housing is increasingly being digitised and thus tailored to the current needs of potential tenants and buyers.