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OWNR – The new way of living.

We have built
for 8500 years

We have bought
for 5000 years

We have rented
for 3750 years


The leasing starts.
SINCE 2018

About OWNR

OWNR rethinks living and wants to bring more people into their own four walls. With the leasing principle we remove barriers on the way to home ownership to make the process transparent, simple, flexible as well as joyful and secure. We want our customers to experience a positive buying experience. 
On our blog we share news from the industry as well as background stories on the way to reinventing living.

The Team

We are a highly motivated team with extensive experience in product development, sales and marketing.    

Since 2017 we have been working on the implementation of our business model in Hamburg. We have a common goal in mind, which we pursue with passion and innovation.

The Vision

OWNR allows you to quickly move into your property of choice, configured according to your taste. We provide a selection of properties that stand out from the regular rental market and offer dream home potential. If you have already found a personally favored property, OWNR will support you on your way to become the owner.

How it works in detail can be found in our OWNR concept.


In this recent press release you can find additional information about OWNR: Press Release 25.07.2019

Nils T. Kohle


Sandeep Agarwal



David Raabe


Niclas Meier

Head of IT

Michael Pawlik

Senior Software Engineer

Pinar Aydin

Product Manager

André Wackwitz

Head of Real Estate

Nele Henkel

Online Marketing

Florian Plewa

Property Manager

Tabea Heinze

Project Manager

Jacob Sürie

Business Process Manager

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